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Bucharest Summit 2020

editat octombrie 2019 în Stiri / Noutati

We have to start by thanking you all for being a part of 3 amazing years. We’ve grown together and we’re happy to see your business grow as well.
Bucharest Summit started in 2017, hoping to make Bucharest the hub of the industry and sure enough, we succeeded thanks to you and your help.

Among the many new and exciting changes, we’ve also moved our dates from June to September, so you can experience Bucharest in a lovely multicolor perfect weather.

Allow us to take you on a tour of what happened in 2019 and the changes that you should expect in September 2020:
  • Location: We kept the gorgeous Radisson Blue Hotel and because we liked it so much, we have it exclusively for ourselves, which means we have 700 rooms for the industry and a lot of new options for branding and showcasing your brand.
  • No more seminars! We decided to make the time everyone spends at the Bucharest Summit worth it so we’re going to have workshops and practical training in small groups with restricted access, where best industry experts but also best industry performers and company representatives will focus on detailed, niche topics.
  • Experts roundtables: The creme de la creme from the adult entertainment industry will now have a dedicated conference in which they can grow their business together, exchange knowledge and learn from each other.
  • More business = more money: At least one workshop dedicated to you, from premium to freemium strategies, live and content, each social media channel and tools, traffic and marketing leads, how to stay or become a successful affiliate in 2020, legal options, financing options, regional and country-specific problem solving, future tech opportunities and so on.
  • New verticals: While we expect huge international event, with over 60% regional and overseas attendees, we also will expand a lot verticals like affiliate, content, technology, payments and fintech, services.
  • A new voting system: Bucharest Summit Awards will be the first gala in our industry to choose its winners in a 100% transparent environment, by real-time voting of all attendees. If you want to choose your favourite brands and people in our industry, make sure you are in the room and cast your vote for each category!
  • Concierge service: Regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry, you must remember your first trade show, where you didn’t know so many people and nobody knew you. We’re fixing this with our BS Concierge service: You tell us what or who you’re looking for, and we’re fixing up the meetings for you, bringing the business TO you.

Learn more about our new sponsorship opportunities or make sure you register today as a VIP attendee, with an amazing 90% discount.
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